GMSI Services & Products

Design and Installation Services

GMSI provides high-quality, cost effective and best-in-class design, installation, and maintenance services for inside and outside plant voice, data and video networks over multi-pair copper, fiber optic, and co-axial cable systems as well as wireless networks. We offer complete turnkey systems inclusive of termination and protection hardware, workstation, riser, distribution, backbone cabling, and underground, buried and aerial campus cabling systems. Network systems supported by GMSI include but not limited to:

  • RCDD design services.
  • Design, engineering, installation, maintenance, testing, certification and documentation of premises copper, fiber and coaxial cable systems to support voice, data, and video requirements.
  • Compliance with EIA/TIA, BICSI, and client standards and specifications for Category 3(10Base-T) thru Category 6A (10GBASE-T).
  • Design, engineering, installation, maintenance, testing, certification and documentation of campus copper, fiber and coaxial cable systems to support voice, data, video and other applications in compliance with EIA/TIA, BICSI, FOA and client standards and specifications.
  • Analog and digital telephone key systems installation, maintenance and repair.

LAN/WAN & Computer Systems

GMSI provides design, integration, installation maintenance and service, and administration support for client network needs.GMSI features completely integrated solution systems covering the desktop, servers, backup and other peripherals, routers, high-speed switches, and Internet access.

Systems Support Services

GMSI offers a wide range of cost-effective wireless and wired switching and routing solutions and systems support. We can design, implement and support a custom networking solution that allows the transfer of your data assets safely and securely across multiple platforms and operating systems. Following is a sample of our capabilities:

  • Systems and network engineering, installation, administration and certification.
  • Computer Systems Analysis.
  • Electronic Switching Systems (ESS) and Electronic Programmable Branch Exchange (EPBX) switch administration, maintenance and Tier 2 repair services.
  • Video Conferencing administration and support.
  • Call Center and Call Accounting Services (CAS) such as Callegra, CAIRS and Veramark, automated call distribution (ACD), hospitality specialty systems, and more.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks.
  • SONET Fiber Optic and other Networks.
  • Design, installation, maintenance and repair T-Carrier, Digital Signal (DS), Optical Carrier (OC), ISDN and DSL transmission systems and protocols.
  • AutoCAD
  • Help Desk service and support.

Our designs integrate various analog and digital telephone, data, video, voice mail, conferencing, call accounting service and call management systems based upon the proven technologies of Avaya/Nortel, Cisco, Motorola, Blackbox, Siecor, Siemon, Alcatel Lucent and others.

Other areas of GMSI telephone system design expertise also encompass GMSI design services include peer-to-peer, client/server, and main frame networks. Data network designs include Personal Area Networks (PAN), Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). GMSI generally selects a product lines from various major network component vendors or will built-to-suit existing custom equipment. GMSI maintains affiliations with several large integrator firms such as Cisco, Brocade, Avaya, Foundry, and others to supplement our capabilities when necessary and ensure full customer satisfaction.

Installation and Certification Services

GMSI has completed more than 800 voice and data projects, including cable systems as large as 25,000 users and telephone systems of new or upgrade installations of Nortel, Avaya, legacy AT&T systems, and others. GMSI has installed approximately 200 data networking systems that include, 10BaseT, 100BaseT and Gigabit Ethernet networks, FDDI, T-Carrier, Digital Signal (DS), Optical Carrier (OC) and other network and network support services.

GMSI provides life-cycle certification services compliant with the ruling standards body such as EIA/TIA, ANSI, NFPA, BICSI and OEM network certifications such as Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Siecor to name a few. All designs and/or installations are inclusive of hardware and software integration required to provide a complete and functional system, network or service.

Our cable systems certification services include BICSI RCDD documentation to existing standards, and beyond for UTP and fiber optic cable systems.