GMSI Functional Matrix of Offerings
Planning & DesignEngineeringIntegration Testing & ImplementationTechnical SupportTechnical Services
Engineering, Furnishing, & InstallationTransport, Power, Removal OSPHardware, Installation and TestingSystems Design, Administration, and AssuranceCapacity Planning & Configuration Management
Voice and Data Networks Copper & Fiber Optic Cable NetworksHardware Installation and TestingSystem Design, Administration and AssuranceCapacity Planning & Configuration Management
Video/TeleconferencingTelephone Equipment ConfigurationsSoftware Installation and TestingProject ManagementCable Records and Administration
Campus NetworksLAN Hardware and SoftwareFiber Optic & Twisted IntallationValidation and VerificationSoftware Upgrade and Conversion
Cable Plant- Inside and OutsideSoftware CustomizationCable CertificationEnd-User TrainingSoftware Customization

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