GMSI Methodology

GMSI offers a "methodology" based on the concept of comprehensive, integrated services. As the illustration below shows, this Complete Customer Care (C3) approach allows our customers to obtain any individual service within the overall methodology or to retain GMSI's services to offer a complete solution.

GMSI Approach to Complete Customer Care (C3)

Coordinated operations ensures that user' needs are always addressed. The objective is to provide comprehensive and seamless service to the end user, recognizing that each element within a comprehensive customer service solution is inextricably interdependent. The GMSI C3 approach provides integrated and structured processes for each aspect of infrastructure support: network operations, desktop support, help desk, and configuration management. In this way, we are well positioned to provide comprehensive service or to provide individual services and interoperate with other providers to ensure that user support is not impacted by communications problems.

Our technical approach is based on industry best practices, drawing from such diverse sources as the Program Management Institute (PMI); the Help Desk Management Benchmarking Association; the National Benchmark Clearing House; commercial standards for network management as stated by Microsoft, Sun, HP, Novell, and other network providers; Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model for Integration; and ISO-9000/2000 quality management standards. By using industry best practices and standards, GMSI can easily insert itself into an existing organizational structure effectively and with minimal transitional disruption.

Information Management is Mission Critical

The NOC is built on the notion that the management of information within an enterprise today is considered a critically important activity toward achieving the mission of the enterprise. The enterprise can no longer function effectively without information technologies that are in turn dependent on the networks in the enterprise. These networks have become the lifeblood of the enterprise for delivery of essential information and management of the interactions among business units. Importantly, the skills to manage the networks are mission critical for the enterprise, as the organization cannot continue its business functionality without this support. Properly managed, these skills can be encapsulated to enable them to be outsourced to an entity that specializes in network management and operation.

Cost & Personnel Pressures Pose Challenges

Enterprise IT functions are constantly under pressure to do more with less. Budgets are being driven downward while the number of business functional needs served are increasing. Maximally effective application of IT is primarily designed toward achieving higher productivity while decreasing the total costs to the enterprise. Network management is a major cost area in any IT service organization within the enterprise. The combination of high demand for qualified staff - exacerbated by the advent of the Internet and Intranets - and the speed of technological change in this field have tended to drive costs upward. Furthermore, the growing diversity of skill sets demanded of IT functions such as accounting, legal, and graphic arts, has had the effect of increasing discipline specialization. The solution to these cost and personnel challenges is to entrust network operations to a high quality, professionally managed, best practices industry partner such as GMSI.

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