GMSI is an information technology (IT) industry leader in delivering integrated high-quality local area network, help desk, and configuration management services to Federal Government customers. GMSI recognizes the connection between proven methodologies coupled with top employee talent to ensure the satisfaction that leads to long-term customer retention. It is by virtue of that recognition that we have forged our reputation for cost-effectively delivering high customer satisfaction to meet strategic goals while ensuring cost-effective delivery and maximum performance through application of performance based contracting metrics and meeting service level agreements. Early on, GMSI recognized the importance of focusing on applying ambitious, career-minded, highly skilled employees to deliver its core competencies so as to ensure high customer satisfaction. GMSI determined that customer-centered management and service excellence coupled with a great corporate culture that attracted and retained top talent would set the company a notch above competitors in the government IT marketplace. That focus continues today.

GMSI offers a wide range of benefits and bonuses to our employees, as well as events designed to promote a strong sense of company community. The atmosphere is open and relaxed, as reflected in the business casual dress code. Employees are encouraged to innovate and interact in a comfortable yet professional business environment. While many of our positions are on-site at customer locations, GMSI strives to keep all employees connected.

GMSI invites you to look at the many benefits of working with us. We believe you will agree that we provide much more than a competitive salary – GMSI offers a clear career path for each and every position, a place for you to grow, and exciting challenges to test your limits. At GMSI, we believe that top talent attracts and retains top talent, and that is why we have striven to establish and maintain a the collegial, challenging, professional atmosphere we offer to our employees.