Cyber Security

GMSI protects your software, hardware and data from external and internal threats, ensuring 24×7 uptime.

Operational Support

GMSI supports your success by delivering operations support ranging from program management and IT support, to help desks and facilities management.

Information Technology

GMSI designs and implements systems and networks using agile methods, delivering your projects in budget and on time.


GMSI delivers secure voice and data communications networking.

GMSI provides mission-critical enterprise solutions to more than 35 Defense and civilian agencies. With 850 task orders at more than $250 million, GMSI provides technology solutions in support of enterprise modernization efforts. We recently provided support to the Social Security Administration, Army and Navy installations, and for the Pentagon.


Communications, Operations and Technology

By delivering software and services wrapped around a solid security infrastructure, GMSI doesn’t just deliver effective operations. We deliver peace of mind.

GMSI has proudly served the military, civilian and intelligence agencies since 1988.

30 Years Serving Government and Commercial Clients


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